About Proton Therapy

In industrialized countries cancer is the second major cause of death after cardio vascular diseases. 30 % of the global population is suffering from cancer during their life-time.
More than 50 % of cancer patients receive radiotherapy treatment. Up to 15 % of the patients receiving Radio Therapy could profit from Proton Therapy. More than 150 clinical studies are in progress to demonstrate the benefit.

Calculated on the 8 Mio. inhabitants of Switzerland about 20’000 patients will be treated with radio therapy. Therefore up to 3’000 patients could benefit from Proton Therapy.

Photons versus Protons

Photons versus Protons
Pictures from PSI


  • Photons are going through
  • Protons stop at the calculated depth
  • No risk of side effects behind the tumour and less risk of side effects in front of the tumour

Therapy Plans

Therapy Plans Photon vs Proton ProHealth
Pictures from PSI


The treatment plans with protons show less side effects compared to standard photon treatment and compared to most advanced photon treatment.

For more information about Proton Therapy please have a look on the website of:
Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI).