Beam Line and Nozzle

The beam line is designed for fast pencil beam scanning. This treatment method allows the fast repainting of the tumour which is the basis for the treatment of moving targets.

The fast pencil beam scanning allows also the simulation of scattering treatment.

The pencil beam Nozzle does not need any patient related part, everything is programmable and therefore fast and flexible.

The last beam position and dose monitors are also located in this Nozzle. They are redundant and diverse for highest treatment safety.

Technical Facts

Speed    < 10 milliseconds per line (100mm + line step)
200 milliseconds per plane (20 lines x 5 mm)
6 seconds per litre (20 energies at 5 mm steps)
10 – 20 repaints per litre in 1 – 2 minutes
Beam intensity   Dynamic modulation of the beam intensity
100 microsecond time scale