Fix Beam Room 6D-PPS

The 6D-PPS and PVS system for fix beam room allows the patient positioning for a lying (couch) and sitting (chair) patient.

Couch and chair can be docked automatic on the 6D-PPS. After having taken two simultaneous x-ray pictures the system calculates a correction vector and then allows a movement to every treatment position with an absolute precision of < 0.3 mm in space.

Thanks to the highest safety system it is allowed to move the patient from one treatment position to the next one without entering the treatment room.

Technical Facts

Patient weight    0 up to 200 kg
Treatment area   1050 mm x 500 mm x 300 mm
Movements   6 degrees of freedom
Precision   < 0.3 mm absolute precision
< 0.1 mm reproducibility



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