General Information about SCHAER PROTON AG

Main Facts

Schär Engineering AG/Ltd. (SEAG) was founded 1979 by Hugo Schär. The company changed its name to SCHAER PROTON AG (SPAG) in February 2016.

SCHAER PROTON AG is developing machines for cancer treatment since 1983.

SCHAER PROTON AG built the first Proton Therapy Gantry for the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) in 1993, world’s first spot scanning Gantry.

The design of SCHAER PROTON AG is known for:

  • High Precision
  • High Flexibility
  • High Reliability
  • Longest Lifetime

High patient through-put and the low maintenance costs lead to high return on investment.


Since the foundation of SCHAER PROTON AG in 1979, the company has achieved its aim to find the perfect solution for the designing and realisation of special machines.

SCHAER PROTON AG is specialized in developing and optimising high-tech solutions. The services offered by SCHAER Proton AG range from classic engineering services, consultancy, project management, development of prototypes, serie-machines and turn-key projects.

The customers wishes in mind, SCHAER PROTON AG and its partners integrate the best know-how in a highly professional manner. SCHAER Proton AG is proud of its accuracy combined with reliable and efficient products.

Since 1983, SCHAER PROTON AG develops and delivers mechanical components for the radio therapy.

It’s been in 1991 that a close cooperation with the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) started. The PSI is the worldwide leader of developing technology for the Proton Therapy.

Regarding the construction of Patient Positioning Systems and Gantries, it’s SCHAER PROTON AG who therefore is the technical leader. Gantries are systems which move the beam around a horizontal axis around the patient.

These surroundings consist of the following:

  • Gantries
  • Nozzle mechanics (beam application tool)
  • Patient Positioning Systems
  • Patient Transport Systems
  • Position Verification Systems (X-ray-systems with the according software)

Today SCHAER PROTON AG delivers the complete surroundings which are near to the patient. This refers to Proton Therapy Facilities as well as to Heavy Ion Therapy Facilities.

Program and Label

Our company is up to now worldwide known under the label Schär Engineering AG and recognized as the supplier of high precision, long lasting and reliable components for radiation therapy.

After an intensive time of preparation we proudly introduce ourselves now as a provider for integrated complete systems for proton therapy under the label SCHAER PROTON AG and are ready to serve this innovative and highly demanding market. The complete system includes the accelerator, the complete beam line, treatment rooms equipped either with gantry or fixed beam, the complete patient environment as well as control- and safety software.

To support project planning we submit detailed building interface documents.

Our systems are certified according to the regulatory requirements of the project location and will be handed over to the end user in time as a turnkey solution.

SCHAER PROTON AG does not only deliver the facility itself. During the treatment of patients SCHAER PROTON AG still is responsible for service and maintenance.