Position Verification System (PVS)

Using two simultaneous taken x-ray-pictures and the therapy plan a 6 degrees of freedom correction vector is calculated. This correction vector will be sent directly to the control system of the Patient Positioning System and allows therefore the highest precision of tumour positioning.

Moving the Gantry rotation during x-ray acquisition allows to generate a Cone Beam CT (CBCT) at the iso centre. This gives the possibility to adapt the treatment plan according to the change of tumour shape according to the treatment progress.

Technical Facts

Two x-ray tubes    150 kV fluoroscopy tube
Two flat panels   300 mm x 400 mm pixel area
Pixel size   0.194 mm
Data processing   30 fluoroscopy images per second (2x2 binning)
7.5 fluoroscopy images per second full resolution
Interface   DICOM compatible
Mechanical precision   0.3 mm

Position Verification System for 360° Gantry (incl. Cone-Beam)


Position Verification System for 180° Gantry

Stand-alone Cone-Beam-CT